Since 2014, I provide scouting consultancy services in the world of football to clubs and players’ agents. Through an extensive network, I am able to offer scouting services spread over 141 different leagues in 94 countries. In addition, I use the latest in scouting techniques to assure the best possible fit. You can find a list of the available leagues here:  Active Leagues.

I offer two types of services to my clients. The first type is focused purely on football scouting. Within this type of service, there are three different options for my clients:

1. Individual player scouting: When choosing for the individual player scouting formula, I will analyse the footballer(s) you named. This service is often used by clubs who have already looked several times at a certain player, but would like a second opinion to assess his qualities.

2. Scouting by type of player: This is the formula that is most often used by my clients. On your request, I will scout players that fit the profile as indicated by you. As mentioned earlier, I will look in 141 leagues spread over 94 different countries for the type of player you desire and I believe will prove to be the ideal reinforcement for your team.

3. Scouting by league: This formula is often picked in order to explore ‘unknown’ football countries and discover players who are not yet household names. Further on in this document is a list where I have summed up all the leagues in which I can look for reinforcements for your team.

Next to the football scouting services, I am also able to offer consulting services to football clubs, such as:

1. Setting up scouting structures within football clubs
2. Providing changes and enhancements to the scouting structures within football clubs
3. Advising scouting departments and offer improvements

On the page “Scouting Request”, you can fill in the form to complete your demand. I will contact you as soon as possible to handle your request.

As a flexible and ambitious consultant, I always welcome new cooperations or business ventures. For opportunities, please email: